Grand Opening Planned for September 18th

We had a tremendous response on our opening day. Thanks to anyone who stopped by. I had so much fun with all my friends gathered in the lounge area. (Here’s a photo of the space without the friends)

I decided to hold the Grand Opening Thursday September 18th. There will be all day specials and a nighttime fashion show. More details to follow. Mark your calendars.


2 responses to “Grand Opening Planned for September 18th

  1. Excellent timing! I will be there.

  2. Whoo Hoo!!!
    I am SOOOOOO sorry I’m not there to celebrate with you!
    I am so proud that you pursued your dreams and visions and continue to “step up” to your amazing gifts and ability!!!

    I plan to be in Idaho in October and Dec. Will try to get by there on one of those trips!

    Rock on Sweetie!!

    Thanks for the announcement card with the web address so I can keep track via the blogs.
    Let me know if you need to make any biz trips to San Fran, I’d love to go “idea hunting” with you like we did in Chicago!
    Lovies, AJ

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