New Fall Inventory

Bunkleberry Studios (Local) Wood Earrings

A Merry Mishap (Local) Feather Hair Pieces and Mary Makes Art Kazuri Earrings

Better Late Than Never (Portland) Jewelry

Berkley Illustration (Portland) 5×7 Animal Prints

Plus a new Down East Basics shipment including skirts, jackets, and girls tops (age 4-12)


3 responses to “New Fall Inventory

  1. woohoo! lovely stuff. those wood earrings and hair fascinators are really fabulous!

    i especially want that skirt, though. i’ve been eyeing the downeast basics skirts for a while now. i’m going to pay you a visit soon. that skirt has my name written all over it.


  2. Tori Victoria

    Can we please cover our living room in the Berkley animal prints? I mean cover.
    I love the new fall stuff. Can’t wait to see more.
    Great job diana! loves.

  3. Everything looks great Diane!! Congratulation!!!! I have things are going great. The next time you in Portland let me know.


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