June’s Featured Artist

Crocheted necklaces, bangles, and berets with a modern twist.
In store through the month of June


“I have always been a creator. My mom raised me to experiment with mediums and encouraged me to use my imagination. I spent years working with paint, clay, beads, fabric and yarn. After college and the end of art classes, I found myself wanting to work in an artistic way again. With the discovery of Etsy and the demand for unique, handmade items, I opened my shoppe.

I started A Merry Mishap in January 2007. All of my creations are crocheted or are composed of crocheted items. I make women’s accessories, necklaces, bracelets and hats.

I’m inspired by simple objects. I like finding small shapes or patterns and exaggerating their size or shape. I experiment and make up different stitches. Most of my designs come from experimentation. I will try out a shape and if I think it works, I then try it on a larger scale. I’m also inspired by the color of yarn that’s available. Sometimes the color itself will lead to ideas for different textures or shapes.

What I want for my line is to use a very old-fashioned technique to create modern accessories. I also hope that every piece finds a happy home!”

See her blog which is full of design inspiration here.


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